Scholars Explore Civic Engagement

Over the past six weeks, FLOC’s Scholars program has been exploring social justice issues through our Civic Engagement workshop series. The four main social justice issues we have focused on are: Police Brutality, Gentrification, Immigration and Representations of People of Color (POC) in the Media.

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College! More Than Just the SAT.

Over the past 4 months, the 11th graders in the Scholars Program have spent an hour and a half of their workshop time in small SAT prep groups. For half of the students, the first six weeks was spent on math while the other reading…

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Scholars Learn About Heroes of Social Justice

Starting in the spring semester, our 6th – 10th grade Scholars work in multi-grade groups to explore current DC civic issues. Workshops are developed by our program instructors and conclude with a project. This year our students are exploring the following themes: gentrification in DC, police and violence in the US, immigration, and young people of color in children’s media.

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Good News Rolling in for 12th Graders

The 12th Grade Scholars are halfway through their final year in high school. Our Scholars are full of excitement as they begin to think about the final moments they get to spend with their high school friends. Many of them have already started thinking about prom and senior trip.

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New Year, New 6th Grade Scholars!

“What’s a New Year’s resolution? Anyone know?” I asked our animated 6th grade Scholars.

“Um…a goal!”

“But it’s a fake goal! My mom says they always get broken,” another Scholar offered.

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College Night 2014: Mapping Our Journey to Success

On December 17th, FLOC students and parents gathered at George Washington University’s Funger Hall for our annual College Night. After snacks, drinks, and conversation, everyone headed to a college fair. It was a joy to see our middle and high school students interact with our alumni and postsecondary students, who took time out of their winter break to represent their college or university.

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Meet Florence, an 11th Grade Scholar

Florence, 16, is in the 11th grade and has been with FLOC for a year now. She is a student in FLOC’s High School Scholars program held Wednesdays nights. Florence enjoys coming to FLOC and looks forward to it each week.

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Sounds of the Season, Sounds of Celebration

For our high school seniors here at FLOC, it’s that most wonderful time of the year—college application time! Deadlines are fast-approaching, but thanks to the hard work of our students and their Postsecondary Coaches, we have already seen a few acceptance letters make their way to our seniors.

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Tolentino serves as a Postsecondary Coach with the FLOC Scholars Program. In this role, she’s matched with a 12th grade Scholar to provide individual support on her journey to post-secondary education. Jennifer found FLOC through

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