Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Tolentino serves as a Postsecondary Coach with the FLOC Scholars Program. In this role, she’s matched with a 12th grade Scholar to provide individual support on her journey to post-secondary education. Jennifer found FLOC through Three years ago she had recently moved to DC, found a stable job, and was ready to volunteer. She settled on FLOC because she thinks the mission and work that FLOC does are so important.

Jennifer brings to us her passion for ensuring children are given equal opportunities to succeed. For her, volunteering at FLOC helps her be a part of the solution to bring quality out-of-school-time programming to DC students.

This is Jennifer’s third year at FLOC. In her first year, she tutored an awesome 5th grader in our math program. Last year, she decided to switch to being a Postsecondary Coach and loved it!  She worked with a student a few hours a week, getting to know her and what she wanted to get out of college.

This year, Jen works with a student named Sadiah. Sadiah is very enthusiastic about finding a career that will allow her to incorporate as many of her interests as possible. She has a passion for fashion design (she sews her own clothes), art, and history. Jen is confident that Sadiah will find a university that will expose her to all of these areas and allow her to find something she’s passionate about. Jennifer is “constantly impressed by her work ethic and ability to manage so many extracurricular activities.”

In addition to her weekly time in program, Jen has participated in our Scholars in the Workplace program by connecting a few high school Scholars to her previous employer, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which is a great place for history buffs to work.

We are excited that Jennifer is joining us for another year!

(Vanessa Hanible is the Recruitment and Outreach Associate at FLOC.)

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