Scholars Learn About Heroes of Social Justice

Starting in the spring semester, our 6th – 10th grade Scholars work in multi-grade groups to explore current DC civic issues. Workshops are developed by our program instructors and conclude with a project. This year our students are exploring the following themes: gentrification in DC, police and violence in the US, immigration, and young people of color in children’s media.

To kick off this year’s theme workshops, Program Instructors facilitated a lesson on the heroes of Social Justice. Students were able to brainstorm and research individuals who demanded change and made a difference in their community. Scholars were especially excited to learn about young activists like Malala Yousafzai, whose fight for education has inspired the world and made her the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Scholars completed the activity by creating a collage of heroes and presenting the research.

Check out some photos of those collages:

Kimberly Davis is the College Access Coordinator in the Scholars Program.

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