Neighborhood Tutoring Program

The Neighborhood Tutoring Program helps students in grades 2nd-12th achieve grade-level competency in reading and math through one-on-one attention and a structured, step-by-step curriculum.

Frequent tests help ensure that a student has mastered the material in one lesson before moving on to the next. When students are guided at their own pace and engaged through fun and interesting activities, they gain academic skills and confidence in their ability to learn. 

NTP students are asked to make a school-year long commitment to promote maximum growth. Students work one-on-one each week with the same tutor or substitute in their designated tutor’s absence.

In just 28 tutoring hours, our students gain one grade level equivalency in both reading and math.

Language Reading Curriculum (Elementary)

  • Comprehensive approach, including phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing
  • Designed for intervention
  • Individualized to each student’s level
  • Concepts are reinforced through games & activities

Wilson Reading Curriculum (Adolescent)

  • 12-step system
  • Phonics-based approach
  • Students learn how to read accurately and fluently
  • Supplemented by “Reading to Learn,” which builds students’ vocabulary and reading comprehension

FLOC Math Curriculum (All Students)

  • 40-step system from place value to algebra
  • Concrete, symbolic, and abstract methods of instruction
  • Concepts are learned through worksheets and activities
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