“My daughter has never been excited about learning (especially during summer break). After just two virtual tutoring sessions with FLOC, I was blown away. I went to check on her because it sounded like she was having too much fun to be learning, but surprisingly, she was just reading along with Ms. Diane, answering questions and excitedly participating. All I could do was smile. I am extremely grateful to FLOC and all of its volunteers.”
FLOC parent
"Kurtis values his experience with FLOC and has improved in both math and reading!"
FLOC Parent
My son Taj made honorable mention at his school this year. This is the first time since he's been in high school that he has really worked hard to improve his academics and been able to see such a reward. We want to thank the team and volunteers at FLOC for supporting him and helping him to achieve this award. You guys totally rock and we want you to know it. We can't thank you enough for the programs that you offer. I personally am ecstatic to have found the organization and forever grateful for the opportunities my children have had to participate. Keep doing what you are doing, it really means a lot!
FLOC Parent
"Thank you for all your hard work and for helping me improve my skills. I really enjoy coming to tutoring it made me feel confident. With a little more hard work I’m sure I’ll be ready for anything!
FLOC student
I've been tutoring with FLOC since about 2013. I love the opportunity to build a relationship with a student and watch them grow over the course of several years. The main thing I've observed is increased confidence in their abilities. By spending time one-on-one and building a relationship with our students, they are empowered to grow even more as students and nurture a belief in themselves. When they take that confidence back to school and into the world, there's no telling what they can do!
FLOC Volunteer
Thank you for giving me lots of support and helping me question what I didn’t understand. Thank you for the games before I started my work that helped me to be ready and focus.
FLOC Student
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