Who Am I?

For the last 5 months, FLOC’s Project Based Learning program had students work on a self-portrait series that answered the question: “Who am I?” Each student was responsible for completing a set of self-portrait photographs, poems, and a collage. They were given prompts to help push their own understandings so they could make works that truly reflected and answered the question. Students would participate in peer-led reviews in order to help students craft a focused overview of the intention behind each project so they could then present it to the entire group. Students were able to build their leadership skills as well as explore their social and emotional understandings with themselves and amongst their peers through these projects. Here are some student highlights from the project.

Miracle, 8th Grade

Is smart, pretty, heavy-handed.
Sibling of Diamond, Angle, Heave, Rashed, Wade, Tyra
Lover of my cousins, sisters, and the whole family.
Who feels sad, angry, depressed.
Who gives great love, food, slaps.
Who fears being alone, being bored, being disrespected.
Who would like to see my cousins more, my dog, my brothers.
Who lives in Washington, D.C. The south side.

Micora, 9th Grade

Gregg, 8th Grade

Who am I?
I am black.
I am nice.
I am smart.
Who am I?
Well it all depends
On who you see me as.
Some see me as goofy
Or playful or lots of energy.
But I am all those things I am
Caring and love people.
Who am I
Well the question is
Who are you.

A’Jia, 9th Grade



Joshua, 8th Grade

Is strong, smart, cool, sleepy. 

Sibling of Kentrell.
Lover of family, football, chicken.
Who feels sad, angry, mad. 
Who gives birthday licks, food, hugs. 
Who fears God, death, Jesus. 
Who would like to see my cousin, a mansion, me being famous. 
Who lives DMV. 

Niyea, 8th Grade


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