Volunteer Experiences

Greetings Awesome Tutors and Former Tutors!

LinkedIn recently added a Volunteer Experiences and Causes field for individual profiles. Volunteer experience is also professional experience, so we encourage FLOC volunteers to add this field to their professional profiles. And by adding your volunteer experience, you’re helping to spread the word about FLOC and reach more tutors, parents, professionals, referral partners, and more!

To share your volunteer experiences here at For Love of Children on your LinkedIn profile:

1. Search for For Love of Children. Join the group.

2. Then, go to Volunteer Experiences.

3. Select the causes you care about.

4. Under experience, complete the information for For Love of Children.

5. Under description, write about your experience as a volunteer and relevant stories about your student or service. What stood out about For Love of Children as an organization? We want to hear your wonderful stories, so don’t be afraid to tell them.

Because of you, we are able to make a difference in a child’s life. Thanks for your amazing service to the DC community!

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