Tutor Spotlight

Meet Judith Blagrove

Judith first heard about FLOC while she was at her work at a bank, and a customer asked to have her FLOC background check forms notarized. After talking with her for a while, Judith could notice her excitement to work with FLOC students.

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Meet Jessica Call

For Jessica, being a tutor is nothing new, as she previously volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club of her hometown in Kentucky.  While there, Jessica read to the kids using materials that she borrowed from her mom, who was a reading teacher and always instilled in her the importance of education.

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Meet FLOC Tutor Emma Turnbull

It is easy to see why FLOC students and staff members like Emma Turnbull.  The 19-year-old work-study tutor was bright-eyed and cheery when we met for our interview; some would say especially so, given the fact that she had just spent her whole Saturday tutoring in our math and reading programs.

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Meet Mamie

Since October, tutor Mamie Belle has spent her Saturday mornings in FLOC’s math program working with Xochitl, a 3rd grader Mamie describes as a bright student who is a bit behind grade level in math.

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Meet Dennis

A year and a half ago, Dennis Sellin decided that he “wanted to give something back.”

Dennis got that chance shortly after when he came across a FLOC flyer at the gym.

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Tutor Spotlight: Alisa Wilson

(FLOC is recognizing outstanding tutors who have shown enthusiasm and commitment to their student(s) in a series of articles called “Tutor Spotlight.”)

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