Meet Judith Blagrove

Judith first heard about FLOC while she was at her work at a bank, and a customer asked to have her FLOC background check forms notarized. After talking with her for a while, Judith could notice her excitement to work with FLOC students. The positive feedback from someone who was already a volunteer at FLOC made a great impression so she decided to visit FLOC’s website. “I was also impressed with the success stories that were featured on the website, so I completed an application.”

Judith joined FLOC as a tutor in February 2013. Since then she has had numerous great experiences with the students and the staff. “The staff is wonderful and the whole atmosphere is welcoming and full of learning that involves ‘play’ which is very essential,” Judith adds. Her favorite moments at FLOC with her students are “seeing the expressions on their faces after they receive that sheet of paper indicating that they have passed their tests. That is priceless.”

She currently tutors at the Tuesday Night Reading and the Thursday Night Math programs. Each Tuesday and Thursday, Judith goes home “with such a sense of accomplishment that my regular job so often fails to provide.”

Since Judith began to tutor at FLOC, her view towards life has changed. Being at FLOC has convinced her that things of importance and relevance are priceless.  “As a volunteer I am providing my students with academic help that is so meaningful yet carries no price tag.”

When Judith was growing up she also received help from individuals who dedicated their time and effort to assist in her academics. Both of the students that Judith tutors at FLOC are as grateful as she was, and they show respect in every session.

Every Tuesday she tutors Yoanabel, a 4th grader who is “very intelligent, is always willing to learn new things, and uses the information covered to introduce what she knows or build on what she already knows.”

On Thursdays she tutors Esteban, a high school student who is very dedicated to the program despite the numerous classes that he takes each day. Although Esteban is very quiet, they have bonded a lot during program. Besides working on his math skills, Esteban and Judith take some time to discuss his day at school and play his favorite game, UNO.

Judith’s experience at FLOC “is one that has really made me feel like I am touching someone’s life in a meaningful way.  I am being motivated to dedicate more time and energy into working with students as it is so rewarding and essential.”

(Lisvette García is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Associate at FLOC).

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