Career Night 2020!

Monday night was FLOC’s annual Career Night, and it went off without a hitch! Students enjoyed pizza, games, and career-building activities led by our friends at Deloitte. The night started with introductions and a little game to break the ice. Students chose their favorite celebrity, then lined up in alphabetical order of that celebrity. Choices ranged from Beyonce to Denzel Washington!


Above from left to right: students signing in, the Deloitte team makes introductions, and students do an ice breaker activity!

The night continued as students learned about Deloitte and some possible career options the company offers. Then it was on to Jeopardy! Using information from the presentation they were just given, students got to choose from five categories: All About Deloitte, Careers, Networking Etiquette, Resume Tips, and Famous Business Leaders. While all of the categories were informative, the students definitely had the most fun with famous business leaders-the answers ranging from Mark Cuban to Michael Scott from the Office.


Above from left to right: Students learn about Deloitte, the categories are announced for Jeopardy, students guess Michael Scott for the Famous Business Leaders category.

After Jeopardy, students got a pizza break before going into one last game of the night. Students played a Life-like simulation game where they chose a career and then had to budget accordingly, depending on how much money they made. Students chose things like house size, where they lived, and what car they drove-all the way down to what internet package they wanted. The game taught them how the choices they make throughout their lives might impact them in the long and short run. The team that budgeted the best at the end of the game won Amazon gift cards!

Above: Students enjoy pizza and work together as a team to budget their dream life!

All in all, students had a great time learning about different career paths through fun games and activities. Thank you Deloitte for sponsoring Career Night 2020- we’re already looking forward to next year!


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