A Tutor’s Perspective: “It is a life-changing experience”

(Catherine Fisher is entering her second year of tutoring with For Love of Children. She currently tutors in the Thursday Night Math program and volunteered to blog about her experiences.)

Over a year ago, I was searching for an opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit that facilitated tutoring for secondary school students in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. I had recently started a job in the neighborhood, so I thought that volunteering would be the perfect way to give back to that community. Not able to find any matches in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, I quickly expanded my search for any opportunities within the immediate area. That’s when I found For Love of Children (FLOC).

From the moment I began the process of learning about FLOC, I was impressed by the passion of the staff and past volunteers towards the program and students. Through the orientation and all the training sessions, I wondered if my experience at FLOC would be as wonderful as people had described. But what I have experienced at FLOC is more than just a wonderful experience; it is a life-changing experience.

Working with my student, David, over the past year has been an enriching experience. Week after week, I witnessed his dedication to learn and his commitment to achieve more. Even when David had “one of those days” at school, he would take the time to refocus himself on his tasks and try his hardest to stay focused. To have watched David begin the program working on subtraction and end it with fractions is phenomenal. When people say that high school students are lazy, I always tell them David’s story and explain that not only did he commit himself to learn, but he also signed himself up for the program. It is David’s dedication to his future that has energized me to commit to FLOC a second year, and hopefully several more to come.

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