Tutor Perspectives

Making Math Fun (a tutor’s perspective!)

I first moved to Washington D.C. to attend college at American University in the summer of 2014. Coming into this great, big city, I was slightly overwhelmed as to what college life was going to be like in such a famous city.

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A Lesson in Perseverance

“I see that you’re getting stern with me.”

Say what? That bit of dry wit comes courtesy of my student, earlier today as we headed to the Fishbowl for a retest. I almost burst out laughing, but instead I just reassured my student that I was simply confident in his abilities and wanted him to do well.

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Maintaining Your Cool

Today I had to prove that I knew about Drake and, in fact, I was ridiculously pleased to announce that I owned his first two albums. Last week I proudly shared that 2 Chainz would be performing back in my home country. The looks of awe on my student’s face was priceless. Score, big time. Major cool points. I’ve rarely been more grateful for friends who are DJs.

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Passing on Life Lessons

This quote began to have meaning for me when I started volunteering at FLOC in September 2012.  I was a recent college graduate, finishing up my very first internship in DC, and yearning for an opportunity to give back in this community.

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The Joys of Tutoring

I’m posting this to say thank you to FLOC for the opportunity to be a tutor.  I’ve been tutoring at FLOC for nearly two years and it is one of the most enjoyable things I do. 

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Tutoring for Tutors

At FLOC, there have been many good tutor-generated tips for successful tutoring sessions. One specifically helpful tip that tutors have discovered is letting their students occasionally become the tutors! Narissa, a tutor here at FLOC, has found it very useful.

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Tutoring at FLOC: A Whole New World

(Wynsome Brown was a FLOC intern and tutor this spring. She attends Howard University.)

On my first day of tutoring, I have to admit I was a bit nervous; I had no idea what to expect.

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Fractions Rap

(Tutors are always trying to find interesting and fun ways to teach concepts to FLOC’s students! This fractions rap was written by Kristin Brady, a Thursday PM and Saturday AM tutor.)

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