Women’s Equality Day!

Today day marks 200 years since the 19th amendment was officially certified by the United States Secretary of State and added to the Constitution. For over 200 years, women fought to achieve the same rights as men-rights as simple as the ability to own property, opportunities for jobs and education, and, of course, voting. Even after the 19th amendment was passed, it still took over 40 years for Black women to finally win their right to vote. As a majority female organization, FLOC is all about celebrating this day, and the achievements of all women throughout history. We would not be here today enjoying the same rights without them. And yet, there is still so far to go. Keep reading to find ways you can support and celebrate women today!


  1. Find and support a local business that is owned by a woman
    Whether in person or online, make an effort to choose female-owned businesses. Here is a list of female-owned businesses in the DC area to get you started!
  2. Choose a historical female figure to research together
    This is a great activity to do with your kids to get them involved and learn about the many female contributions to history.
  3. Write a letter to an influential woman in your life
    Let her know why she is your role model, and how much she means to you.
  4. Check out the virtual exhibits at the National Women’s History Museum
    Exhibits range from Women in the Olympics to Women’s Suffrage, Women in NASA, and everything in between. See for yourself here.
  5. Sign up to tutor/mentor a girl through FLOC’s Fall Learning Program
    By becoming a positive influence in a girls’ life, you can provide her with the guidance and support she needs to succeed both academically and in life. Sign up to be a tutor now!


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