Why Volunteer?

(Elizabeth Metz is FLOC’s Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator.)

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, I wanted to explore why some of our current volunteers chose to get involved with FLOC. We ask all of our prospective volunteers to answer the question, “Why do you want to tutor with For Love of Children’s Neighborhood Tutoring Program?” Here are just a few of the answers we received:

“Children hold our future in their hands. It is important to help them learn at an early age to develop a love for education to carry throughout life.”

-Leoshay Lobley

“I enjoy mentoring children and want to help out kids in my new community here in DC. “

-Tyler Losey

“I’ve enjoyed tutoring the past two years. I like teaching new concepts and enjoy watching that ‘light bulb moment’ with the youth I’m tutoring.”

-Rose Overbey

So how about you? Why do you support For Love of Children? What keeps you motivated?

Whatever their reason for coming to FLOC two or more hours a week, we thank all of our 250+ volunteers for their commitment, their creativity, their patience, their humor, and most of all for their service. Volunteers make our programs possible! Thank you!

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