Staff Perspectives

The Language of Mathematics

As anyone that works with students will tell you, it’s not always about what you teach them, but the things that they teach you. This spring, FLOC staff has been working hard enrolling and placing more students and tutors into our programs for the spring semester.

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A Look at College Night 2013

On Wednesday, December 18th, FLOC held a College Night for our Scholars Program at George Washington University. The program was divided into two blocks: a college fair for the first hour, followed by age-specific workshops and roundtable discussions.

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FLOC Unlocks Student’s Full Potential

This year the Scholars program is implementing a new advising model to ensure that all students are prepared for middle school, high school, college and beyond. Students meet with an advisor four times a year and submit their transcript and quarterly grades to inform these conversations.

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NTP Welcomes New Team of Corps Members

Fall has finally arrived. After what felt like an endless summer, a series of gray and rainy days have left us with cool nights and increasingly colorful trees. At FLOC, everything kicks into high gear in the fall.

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Passing on Life Lessons

This quote began to have meaning for me when I started volunteering at FLOC in September 2012.  I was a recent college graduate, finishing up my very first internship in DC, and yearning for an opportunity to give back in this community.

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