Welcoming New Faces to the FLOC Family

My first two weeks at FLOC have been fast and exhilarating. As the new College Access Coordinator, I have the privilege of overseeing weekly workshops for middle and high school students in the Scholars Program. With less than a week under my belt, it was time for my first Returning Family Orientation. I was excited to meet families who have been with FLOC for years and interact with students who are truly invested in the program. The office was buzzing with anticipation as we watched the steady influx of parents and students register for the upcoming school year.

Within a few days, the office was prepping for round two of Returning Family Orientations and this time, I was able to hang out with students. I was able to hear about friends from the previous year and talk about applying to college in the fall. I was finally able to make connections and start building relationships with the students. I even recognized a student who was part of my interview process!

After each orientation however, I noticed something unique about our organization. FLOC connects with parents and students on a deeper lever and has become part of everyone’s family. It was easy to see as everyone walked through the door with smiling faces excited for the year to start. It was inspiring to see staff members welcome back families and reminisce about old times. The FLOC community has watched students grow from timid middle school students to mature young adults who are now preparing for the postsecondary realm, a true testament to the motto “Teach. Empower. Transform”. As I continue my journey here at FLOC I hope to experience more heartfelt moments and continue building an environment of love and family.

(Kimberly is the College Access Coordinator at FLOC)


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