Thank You from For Love of Children

Can you believe that Halloween has passed and our students are already thinking of Christmas? Before we turn the calendar to 2014, we have to acknowledge the generous people who make things happen here.  Dedicated volunteers give significant time to make sure our students get the attention they need and deserve to make the advances we see every week in our Scholars and Neighborhood Tutoring Program. Beyond that, a committed staff works tirelessly and at all hours to support the program offerings and make sure the volunteers have what they need to keep things rocking and rolling. Additionally, we’re lucky to have such talented folks staffing our Outdoor Education Center – check out the November 7, 2012 blog post.  This team not only works to improve the educational outcome of students in local middle schools, they also come up with new and creative ways to physically challenge our students, bucking the childhood obesity trend.

Who else do we appreciate? Without a doubt, our students who make a commitment to hard work and attendance so that they can achieve the results they deserve. It’s not always easy to take control of your education, especially at ages where you are vulnerable to peer pressure and habitual behavior.

And, finally, we thank our donors. Clearly, nothing we do could be accomplished without revenue to buy supplies, hire talented staff, keep our facilities clean and safe, and maintain the welcoming atmosphere that our students and their parents have come to expect.

So, at this time of giving and caring, please think about making a donation.  Whether it be your first or your fiftieth donation, all contributions are put to good use with our minimal overhead and high rankings by the Catalogue of Philanthropy and other sources. Since you’re on our blog, you must be on a computer or Smartphone of some sort. Here’s the link to our donations page: If all else fails, call 202.349.3530 and I will be happy to talk to you about facilitating your gift that will help us create a bright future for students in our city.


(Martin Conover is the Director of Development at FLOC).

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