Scholars Kickoff Spring Semester with Theme Workshops

In the Scholars Program we began this spring semester with theme programming: four weeks of project based learning.  Before break we had students rank topics they were most excited to learn about. Starting this week Scholars were placed in mixed grade level workshops.  Students were able to expand their intellectual curiosity and build new relationships through exploring various topics and interacting with students from different grades.

On Monday night, Middle School Scholars re-created the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in “Wonders of the World” workshop, while students in “Political Art and Music” created artistic posters and poems in response to bullying. Our final group learned the difference between whole and processed food while competing in Scholar’s own Top Chef: “You are What You Eat”.

Scholars enjoyed getting their hands messy and engaging in thought-provoking discussions that pushed them to think outside of the box. We are excited to introduce theme programming to our High School Scholars as they are going to participate in similar workshops, with the addition of yoga to get their mind and body centered for post-secondary success.

(Kimberly Davis is the Scholars College Access Coordinator at FLOC).

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