Meet Zoe: A Leaders In Action Student

Zoe is one of our 8th grade Leaders In Action (LIA) students. When asked what she has learned the most through LIA, she responded, “Leadership. I have learned more about group dynamics and that in order for a group project to get done there has to be leaders and followers.  I know now how to be a part of a group and how to work together, like when we do big projects, how to work with other people to get things done,” Zoe says.

One of her favorite parts of LIA is all the fun she has while learning. “The teachers are really fun, and they make the things we learn really neat because they are so goofy.” Her favorite memory from this school year so far has been “making those geysers out of film canisters because they shot out real far and also almost hit my shoes.”

Another favorite of Zoe is “while we are learning all these fun things we also get to earn points to go to summer camp.” Last year Zoe earned the chance to attend our summer camp at the Outdoor Education Center (OEC) and is very much looking forward to returning this summer.

Zoe’s favorite memory from last summer was “the greenhouse and all of the projects we did with natural things. Also the high ropes were a lot of fun. My favorite part was the ‘zig-zag’ crossing.” For this summer she is most looking forward to “seeing and having more fun times with Harpers Ferry and DC friends again.”

This year our LIA program is actively involved with the seven dimensions of health: physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, and occupational. Students will have many opportunities to participate in community events, visit organizations on field trips, and host local guest speakers.

To kickoff 2014 LIA students have already participated in their midyear fitness test and have shown great improvement since the beginning of the school year. Zoe says, “I like the snow, but I wish we did not have as many snow days because I miss Leaders In Action and want to get back to learning more cool things.” For more information about Leaders In Action visit:

(Kate Nelson is an AmeriCorps Vista at FLOC’s Outdoor Education Center).

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