Meet Samantha

Samantha, 8, is in the fourth grade at Brightwood Elementary. She’s beginning her third year with the Tuesday night reading and Thursday night math programs at FLOC.

Samantha’s favorite subject in school is math, and she says FLOC has helped her learn to like math. Outside of school, Samantha likes to play tag and other games with her friends. She enjoys being in nature and likes to find worms and other insects outside. In her free time, Samantha likes drawing, painting, and other arts and crafts.

Samantha says that FLOC has “helped my reading a lot”. Asked to pick a favorite activity at FLOC, Samantha says there are “too many to chose from”.

Samantha loves to talk with other students and FLOC staff and is very eager to share her experiences with others.  She never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces. When she grows up, Samantha hopes to be either a doctor or a police officer.

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