Meet Nicole

Nicole, 10, is in the 5th grade at Capital City Public Charter School. This is her third year at FLOC, and this year she’s in Tuesday night program for reading and Thursday night program for math. Nicole loves the environment at FLOC, and she is always excited to be here. Nicole’s says that FLOC has helped her a lot in reading and math and that she now reads all the time and loves solving math problems. When asked what her favorite thing about FLOC was, she gave a whole list instead, which included FLOC giving away presents for the holidays, chocolates for Valentine’s Day, end of the year fiestas, and the FLOC store.

Outside of FLOC, Nicole enjoys reading, playing games, taking tests, sticking stickers, learning gymnastics, and, last but not least, cheerleading.  Nicole’s bubbly personality is irresistible, and she is always eager to talk with others about what she is doing and learning at FLOC. She hopes to continue to improve in reading and math, as well as gymnastics, throughout the year.

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