Meet Juan

Juan is a 15-year-old 10th grader at E.L. Haynes High School. He has been an active participant at FLOC for four years now, two of them in the Scholars program.  What Juan enjoys about being in Scholars is the skills he has been able to learn and gain from the program, especially when it comes to professional development and school preparations. He says he enjoys the trips Scholars provide.  In particular, one memorable trip to a hotel allowed him to learn how it is managed on a business level.

Juan also learned a valuable lesson during a one month series project that allowed students to learn about several issues in society. Juan’s pick was about racism in social media, and although he already felt that he had some knowledge on this topic, he never realized how important it is to be more aware and apply behavior to combat any discrimination he sees.

During his free time, Juan enjoys listening to music and creating some of his own music. Juan appreciates his experience at FLOC and hopes to continue to grow and develop during his time here.

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