Meet Chris

Chris was a new student in the 8th grade Scholars class this school year. When he first joined the program, he was really quiet. Staff struggled to get him to open up, participate in activities and interact with his peers because he was so shy. However, slowly but surely as the semester went on, he began to open up.

Chris started to form bonds with his fellow 8th grade scholars which influenced his participation in class. He began to want to work with his new friends on workshop activities. As Chris began to make connections with his classmates, he also began to connect with students in other grades.

FLOC has provided Chris with a space to develop his social skills outside of a school setting. Through the interactive activities we do during program, he has been challenged to form his own opinion and share it. After completing his first year at FLOC, Chris is looking forward to coming back next year as a 9th grader in the Scholars Program!


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