Fractions Rap

(Tutors are always trying to find interesting and fun ways to teach concepts to FLOC’s students! This fractions rap was written by Kristin Brady, a Thursday PM and Saturday AM tutor.)

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about fractions

Fractions Fractions

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about fractions

Fractions Fractions

Everything you need to know, I’ll rap it

I’ll teach you how to get rid of an improper fraction

I’ll teach you how to add and subtract

Then multiply and divide

Fraction-what’s that

Lights camera action

This is a rap I wrote about fractions

Multiply and divide, addition and subtraction

With addition and subtraction it’s pretty cool

Because for the both of them, you follow the same rule

If it’s improper you’re gonna have to change it to a mixed number

I’ll be the one to explain that

Improper is when the top number is bigger than the bottom

You gotta take the bottom and fit it into the top

Say the bottom is 4 and the top is 18

How many times does 4 fit in between

Well let’s see that’s 4 so take that 4

And write it big on the line

With 2 left over from the 18

Put that 2 on top of the 3—and wow, it’s that easy (easy)

Listen to this song and you’ll believe me

You look at the bottom of fraction one and fraction two

Then find the lowest number that they both go in to

You gotta be fair to both the bottom and top

So if you multiply the bottom then you gotta do the top

Then you can add or subtract

Just like that

Multiplication and division the same rules go

Naaaaaw sike-I’m just playin’ but I rap for real though

The first step requires a very special action

If you have a mixed number you gotta transform it into an improper fraction

The next step is easy as pie

‘Cross the bottom and the top

Then you simplify

Division’s gonna try and be all difficult

You gotta take the second fraction and find the reciprocal

Then multiply and simplify just like you did before

Now as fractions are concerned you know we are good to go

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