Forensic FLOC Friday

On November 2nd, we welcomed our students and families to take part of our first ever FLOC Friday! In partnership with the National Law Enforcement Museum, students participated in a Fingerprints and Impressions workshop, where they were exposed to this sub-field of Forensic Science! During the event, students:

* Learned about the basic components of fingerprinting

* Learned about the methods that forensic scientists use to match impressions

* Watched live demonstrations, dusted and lifted fingerprints

* Used evidence to solve a mystery!

We know that exposure to new careers and opportunities allows students to see themselves in these capacities. We look forward to bringing different opportunities for our students to help guide them as they reach their full potential in school, career, and life!

If you would like to bring your organization for career exposure for our students and families, please feel free to reach out to Janette Barbosa at

Please be on the lookout for our next FLOC Fridays!

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