FLOC Holiday Letter

December 2018

Dear Friend,

As the new Executive Director of For Love of Children (FLOC), I write this letter to you today with gratitude.  Every day I watch our students gain confidence in their math and reading skills, earn acceptance into colleges they never thought possible and succeed in post-college careers.  As 2018 comes to a close, I am grateful for a staff that exhibits such compassion and care for our students and their families.  I have seen firsthand the impact our staff, volunteers and board of directors has on ensuring that each student experiences dignity and respect and has access to high-quality educational instruction and support.

Growing up, I was raised by my mother and grandmother.  My grandmother taught me how to read when I was three years old and instilled in me a passion for education that would later inform my career. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college and I know how difficult it is to navigate the world of higher education, and how necessary it is to have support systems in place in order to ensure success.  This is why I love FLOC.  We support 1st through 12th grade students, through college and into career and for me, there is no greater joy than seeing our kids pass unit tests, earn that scholarship or obtain the degree or certificate they have been working so hard for.  This is an incredible organization that was built on a foundation of ensuring that low-income students of color are treated with dignity and respect, and have the resources they need to accomplish their goals.

This past year has brought change for FLOC.  In addition to changes in executive leadership, we have also moved from our long time home in Ward 1, to our new headquarters in Capitol Hill East.  We are thrilled to be able to serve more students in Wards 6, 7 and 8, and have already begun making a mark on our new community.  Alongside our highly successful neighborhood tutoring program (NTP), we are proud to announce our City Leaders Program, which will provide leadership opportunities for students as they engage in community service work involving STEM, Arts, and Social Justice.

I deeply appreciate your support through many successful transitions this year and as we plan for 2019, we are making every effort to ensure that every student, parent, volunteer, donor, and community partner, knows their importance to this organization and that they are appreciated.  In the coming year, I commit to listening to your input as we shape our new programming and expand FLOC’s impact on our city.  To this end, and in an effort to achieve excellence in our communication with you, I have two favors to ask you:  (1) Follow us on social media:  Instagram @floc_dc, @floc_oec; Facebook:  For Love of Children and twitter:  FLOC_DC, for updates on our students and programming, (2) Please take a few minutes to update your contact information at www.floc.org/stay-connected. Also note in your records our new address:  1301 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Third Floor, Washington, DC 20003.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support as we settle into our new space and our new leadership.  I am eager to see how much we can accomplish together and know that none of this would be possible without YOU!

All the best to you and your families this holiday season,

Brandelyn Anderson

Executive Director

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