Concert for a Cause Creates an Atmosphere of Family Fun!

For Love of Children was grateful to be included in the first Concert For a Cause by Acumen Solutions, last Sunday, that featured some great musicians, lots of delicious food, and an amazing group of people behind the scenes. The event was a hit for children and families and it featured some incredible non-profits doing great work in the community!

Herndon, Virginia has quite the welcoming feel with friendly faces and family businesses filling the town’s center. Families rolled in ready to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoor amenities. The event space was lined with food trucks, information booths, and fun freebies to take home. In all of the hustle and bustle of activities, attendees still made time to stop by the non-profit tents and find out about resources in their community. Still, the most popular spot by far, other than the main stage, was the balloon animal hat station! Even though it was meant for kids, there were definitely a few grown folk with ladybugs and puppies encircling their heads because everyone was getting in the spirit of summer fun.

Around the back of the beautiful brick Herndon Town Clerk Center there was an expanse of green space with families sprawled out on blankets and under umbrellas watching the performers on the stage extending from the back of the building. The speakers pumped the lively music out for the attendees and the musicians sang their hearts out as the crowd looked on enchanted, although some of the children couldn’t contain their excitement and danced with abandon!

As the evening wound down and the final act, Cassadee Pope, took the stage the non-profits and the food trucks began to pack up for the day. The children began to settle down, full and satisfied, and the event organizers were able to congratulate themselves on a job well done. All of the participants, attendees, and staff who came ended their day satisfied by wonderful music, delightful food, and knowing that they made a world a better place just by enjoying the day in the company of family, friends, and some great causes.

(Laura Evans is the Development Associate at FLOC.)

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