A Week In Review

By Samika Warner

I am a student with the Washington Center programs for the summer. I am Interning at For the Love of Children (FLOC) organization in Washington DC. My first week here has been an experience both in DC and at the organization. When I arrived, it was what I expected in terms of the buildings etc, what I didn’t expect was such a big culture shock. I am from the Caribbean and as you can imagine the lifestyle there is way different to the lifestyle of one in DC. I was both amazed and frightful of my environment as I realized this is nothing near of what I am accustomed to. However, I am still making the best of this journey.

The first part of my experience is where I have been exploring the city and come quite fond of the rich infrastructure. Although most people are seen as rude on the street I can honestly understand why, as I am certain persons have had that thought of me since I’ve been here. My once bubbly, jolly character on the street has been taken down to “notch zero” as I would be considered crazy. Imagine someone talking to all the strangers saying hi, hello! Good morning. Good afternoon, good night! That’s me at home. I can go on and on about my first week here. One thing I can say for sure is that if you’re down for business DC is the place to be.

The second part of my experience here is at my internship. I must say although it has only been my first week. I would have to say the team at FLOC from the executive Director to the staff members have all been welcoming to me (no I was not paid to say this). The members there resembles a little family they all work together and look out for each other. They are the epitome of teamwork. One day I was unable to attend work and felt like I was missing out, can you imagine that? The attitude and characteristics of staff members make me want to return everyday, they are kind and hardworking folks. From my observations I have realized that the organization’s focus is indeed the children, from tutoring, to ceremonies to camping programs and the in between. I would say the FLOC organization is indeed an organization any person who is interested in helping the future generation, should invest in. I can’t wait see where this internship leads me. Until next time, this is the Caribbean lady visiting DC signing out.

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