A Very Special Meltzer Holiday Party

tudents, tutors, and parents were all invited to celebrate the holidays during our last day of program before break. Our friends at the Meltzer Group have thrown a holiday party for FLOC students at least since 1997, and this year the tradition continued.  Employees from this insurance company came to FLOC to celebrate with our students in the Saturday morning math and afternoon reading tutoring programs on December 13th.

The Meltzer Group team set up three different rooms with all kinds of activities for the kids to do with their tutors or parents. The kids made ornaments, snowman soup, and keychains. The meltzer blog post 1student’s favorite room was definitely filled with food! Everyone enjoyed eating lots of pizza, while watching the students decorate cupcakes with globs of frosting and candy. In addition to all the chatting and laughing, students heard live holiday music from a saxophonist. He played many different songs and encouraged students and staff to sing along.

meltzer blog post 3Before the students left FLOC for break, they received a present ranging from books, dolls, and gift cards to celebrate all their hard work during the fall semester. Many of the students also took home some pizza and extra cupcakes to share with their families!

(Tamarae Hildebrandt is an NTP Site Coordinator. She works in the Wednesday afternoon program at Tyler Elementary and the Saturday morning and afternoon programs at FLOC.)

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