A Closer Look at the Postsecondary Scholars Program

For Love of Children does not stop offering support to its high school graduates after they move away to college. In fact, students who are interested have the opportunity to participate in FLOC’s unique postsecondary program during their undergraduate careers. The postsecondary Scholars program provides guidance and support to students as they navigate the exciting and often challenging college experience with the goal of helping them succeed personally and academically.

The postsecondary program is currently operated by Andrea Julca and works to provide a smooth transition for students undergoing big changes in their lives. The transition from high school to college can understandably be very intimidating and nerve-wracking for students. The postsecondary program at FLOC endeavors to help students with this sometimes difficult but exciting transition by offering students individual academic advice, professional development workshops, exam care packages, and a college night where other postsecondary students can get to know each other better and offer support. The care packages are delivered to students at the end of each semester around exam time and include essential items for college students, such as pens, notebooks, candy, and Ramen noodles.

There are currently 53 students actively participating as postsecondary Scholars. Since last fall, the postsecondary program has offered 17 webinars on topics such as scholarships, tips for college students, a college transfer guide, and financial advice.  Andrea also helps students with several college-related matters, such as filling out the FAFSA, transferring schools, and selecting a major. Apart from providing scholarship information and academic-related material, the postsecondary program strives to ensure each student succeeds during their time in college.

Another benefit of being part of this program is that if a participant is financially eligible, they can qualify for the Fred Taylor Scholarship which awards students up to $2,000 each academic year. This is a great opportunity for them to take advantage of help that they may need with making this important transition.

(Diana Martins is a Scholars Social Work Intern at FLOC). 

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