2020 Census-Get Counted!

Every 10 years, the U.S. government counts every person living in our country in the Constitutionally-mandated Census. Data from the U.S. Census directly determines the pathway of federal funding, impacting schools, businesses, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, and overall social equity in the District. The more accurate the data, the easier it is to ensure that we are meeting our community’s needs. When data is inaccurate, we miss out on billions of much-needed federal dollars. To learn more about why the census matters, click here

Historically, the most undercounted groups in the District have been low-income residents, foreign-born residents, renters in multi-unit buildings, children ages 0-5, and African American households. The census impacts you and your community at a local and national level, so it is important that everyone is counted.

The good news is, filling out the census is quick and easy-it only takes about 10 minutes to fill out. And this year, the 2020 census will be available online! That means that even in this crazy, Covid-19 world, you can still fill out the census from the safety of your own house. The census will ask basic information such as name, age, sex, Hispanic origin, race and ethnicity, the relationship of household members, and homeownership status. Only one person in a household needs to complete the form, making sure to include every person. Fill out the 2020 census online now!

Last time around, D.C. was the second most undercounted city in the nation. This time, we’re going to change that. Share this with friends and family and make sure that D.C gets counted! Click here to learn more.

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