Twelfth Grade Scholars Offer Valuable Advice to Eleventh Graders

As March begins there is an inherent “madness” in the air. While most might be focused on college hoops, at FLOC, our juniors and seniors become more focused on college.

During a combined program, 11th graders asked 12th grade students to provide them with wisdom on the college process for the coming year. Topics ranged from application-based questions to balancing a social life and academics and even the importance of community service.

In general, the seniors seemed to point out the importance of applying early and to a number of institutions to give oneself a better chance of being accepted, and to avoid procrastinating during the coming year. Senior Calvin C. told the 11th graders to “talk to FLOC. They know what they’re doing and have helped me out a lot.”

“It was fun,” Elijah N., a junior, pointed out after the program. “I learned a thing or two.”

FLOC’s focus on preparing the 11th graders for their next academic transition includes ACT/SAT prep as well as having students learn about schools that interest them.  Seniors have been in the process of developing skills and study habits that will help them next year in their post-secondary pursuits.

(Alex Stucky is a Scholars Program Instructor for grades 8 and 11.)

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