Tutoring at Tubman

The Neighborhood Tutoring Program would not be able to reach as many students as it does without the help of our wonderful partner sites. One of our partner sites is Tubman Elementary School, located in Columbia Heights. Every Tuesday after school, thirteen students and thirteen tutors participate in FLOC’s reading program at Tubman, with more students and tutors enrolling each week, and thanks to the support of Tubman Elementary staff and the hard work of our tutors, our students are making great progress!

The students in the FLOC Tubman reading program range from second to fifth graders. They love to play active games while learning, and can often be found defining vocabulary words while playing trashketball or categorizing nouns and verbs by playing soccer. Scrabble is another popular game at Tubman, and our Scrabble board is always in high demand.

Students at Tubman are bursting with energy, and putting that energy toward improving their reading skills is really paying off! Each of our students at Tubman has been working hard to pass his or her tests and continues to build a strong language foundation. FLOC is so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Tubman Elementary and proud of the work our volunteer tutors, testers, and students are doing there.

Thanks Tubman for your continued support of our partnership.

(Emma Lewis is an NTP Site Coordinator for the Thursday Night and Saturday Morning math Programs.)

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