The News According to Nenis

Ask an adult what they want to be when they grow up. Odds are, they’ll stumble through an answer. Ask Nenis, a sixth grader in the Tuesday Night Reading program, and you’ll hear here confidently say “Journalist.” This newfound passion and interest for journalism is a result of her tutor’s ability to connect her work as a journalist with FLOC’s reading curriculum. Janet, her tutor, works in journalism and has found several creative and engaging ways to share her expertise with Nenis, all while helping her practice vital reading skills.

After she reads a non-fiction text, Nenis will carefully synthesize what she’s read into a script. Then, she presents the news in her best newscaster voice.  She’s charming and informative. Her scripts are witty, and she’s hard at work finding her signature sign-off. This certainly isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from Nenis. For now, we’ll leave you with this report, recently recorded at the FLOC offices.

(Cody Laminack is the NTP Program Manager at FLOC).

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