The FLOC Scholars Theme Expo

This past week, the 9th and 10th grade Scholars held their first ever Theme Expo.  This was an opportunity to share what they were learning about in theme workshop with each other. The students were able to choose from three different themes: Astronomy, International Women’s Rights, and Poetry, each led by a volunteer Expert Workshop Facilitator. The International Women’s Rights group shared the different NGOs that they created to help solve the issues they studied.  One example was a NGO that wanted to shine a light on and help decrease the rate of HIV/AIDS in women in Botswana. Each student in the Poetry group bravely stood up in front of their peers and shared a poem that they wrote. Lastly, the Astronomy group presented on interesting facts and subjects that they learned about, such as black holes and the Doppler Effect, and created their own timeline of the universe.

This was a great experience that not only helped our students practice their presentation skills but also gave them a chance to learn from their peers. We look forward to the next Expo, which is taking place in early March with our Middle School Scholars.

(Sara Dia is a Scholars Program Specialist at FLOC).


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