Student Spotlight: Q&A with Brandon

Last Saturday afternoon before our weekly reading program started, Brandon kindly took a break from his game of UNO to answer a few questions about FLOC.  This is what the seventh grade student had to say:

Question: You look pretty comfortable here! How long have you been coming to FLOC?

Answer: I started coming to FLOC in the summer.

Question: Very cool.  What do you like best about FLOC so far?

Answer: There are a lot of nice people here and fun activities.

Question: You’re in our afternoon reading program, since you’re here now.  Are you in any other programs?  Who is your tutor?

Answer: Well, I have two different tutors – one for reading and one for math.  My reading tutor is named Nahid so I’m working with her today.  She’s very nice.

Question: What are you working on?

Answer: Right now in math I’m working on fractions, and in reading we’re doing sounds.

Question: You said earlier that you like the activities at FLOC – do you have a favorite game or activity?

Answer: Definitely UNO!

[Remembering the UNO game I had interrupted for the interview, I decided to wrap things up, even though Brandon was still patiently answering all of my questions.]

Question: Okay, so here’s my last question for you: What do you want to be when you get older?

Answer: I want to be an illustrator.  For books or something like that.  I really like to draw.

And with that Brandon headed back downstairs to finish up his game, but not without first taking the time to politely shake my hand and say goodbye.  He’s just one fine example of the many great students at FLOC!

(Post written by Rachel Baxter.  Rachel is the Bilingual Recruitment and Outreach Assistant at FLOC.)

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