Student Spotlight: David

David, a hard-working sophomore in his third year in the Scholars Program and Neighborhood Tutoring Program, has many plans for the future—among them to learn French and Chinese and become quadrilingual.

David says that the FLOC programs have helped him improve his reading and writing skills and also taught him to search for university programs that interest him.

“Once I started coming here, I started getting good grades,” he said. David is proud to say that he earned straight As for three consecutive advisories.

David’s future plans include becoming an engineer in computer science and studying biochemistry in college.

His passion for engineering stems from his love for math, science, and technology. “It’s always growing. It never stops. Today you might think that the phone is the new thing and the next day, you’ll see something totally new and different…and you can be part of that growing community.”

David plans on participating in FLOC programs until he graduates. “It’s actually fun. Here at FLOC…any problem you have, they’ll help you come up with a solution.”

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