Student Spotlight: Adam

(Jackie LaRoche is a Program Instructor in the Scholars Program.)

When I told the 6th grade Scholars group about the FLOC blog, Adam immediately raised his hand and asked if students could submit their own work. Adam, a current 6th grader in both our Scholars program and our tutoring program, has a passion for writing, drawing, and exploring new cultures. I told him that we would absolutely love to post some of his work on our blog and within a week he brought me a flash drive full of stories, essays, and poems. Here are two of Adam’s original poems.

“The Apple Tree”

I know some people cut down trees

because I saw the leaves blowing by the breeze.

One day I saw an apple tree.

Next day an apple fell from the tree.

A boy ate the apple.

The apple was free.

That was the only apple on that poor tree.

“I’m Writing!”

I’m writing.

I’m blank and I have nothing.

The teacher tells me, “Get your head in the game.”

And I’ll say, “Whoa what just happened?”

I’m a dreamer.

You can’t blame me.

So here I am

Once again




A thing.


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