Share Your FLOC Story for Do More 24

Starting at midnight tonight, for one day only FLOC will be partnering with the United Way of the National Capital Area and hundreds of other area nonprofits to inspire and encourage our community to give where we live for Do More 24.

FLOC relies on a strong network of volunteers, families, and community partners to help students succeed from first grade through college and career. The following is just a glimpse into what FLOC means to them:

“You have the ability to adapt the curriculum to each student’s needs” –FLOC Volunteer

“The instructors treat the students well and my time here has helped me meet new friends and learn how to work well with others on a team.” –FLOC Student

“When [students] pass their tests, there’s a certificate to go on the refrigerator and a sticker. A gorgeous paper with an “A” on it. The best is the pride in their accomplishment.” –FLOC Volunteer

“I really didn’t like math, but the tutor made it fun and more educational for me.  Now I understand it better.”  -FLOC Student

“I could tell that they cared about her and her education.” –FLOC Parent

“I enjoy mentoring children and want to help out kids in my community here in DC.” –FLOC Volunteer

“It was not just ‘apply to college, it was ‘apply to lots of colleges and ultimately choose the best school for me.’ FLOC helped me see that a girl like me can do anything I put my mind towards.” –FLOC Student

Do More 24 is about sharing our stories. No matter your connection to FLOC, we all believe in a common mission and that together we can teach, empower and transform. Tomorrow, share your story of FLOC with others and consider making a small donation to FLOC.

For more information, visit our Do More 24 page.

(Kate Fleischer is the Development Assistant at FLOC).

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