NTP Staff Reflect on a Memorable School Year

We can’t believe it’s already the end of the year at FLOC! Our tutoring programs have all wrapped up, and we’ve celebrated student accomplishments at our end of year parties.

Looking back at this school year, we started thinking about what we as staff most enjoyed about our tutoring programs. Here are some of the highlights from the last year in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program.

Emma Lewis, Thursday Night Math Program Site Coordinator

We had the pleasure of helping two students complete the FLOC Math Curriculum this year. These students came in every week determined to improve and refine their math abilities. Their persistence and dedication to their educational enrichment enabled them to reach and complete lesson 30 in the curriculum. One student even took 24 mastery tests this year! The best part is, even after they finished the FLOC curriculum the students kept coming to program to work with their tutors on SAT prep work.

Lilla Hassan, Saturday Afternoon Program Site Coordinator

For some of our students, Saturday afternoon can be a bit of a struggle. Getting up in the morning knowing you have two hours of tutoring on the weekend can seem like no fun. However, our tutors this year did a great job of making learning on a Saturday exciting. Our tutors, many of them young and energetic college students, create fun and engaging activities that get our students on their feet. It is nice to see two students challenging each other during a trasketball spelling bee or seeing one of our students use a computer to develop their reading comprehension skills in an interactive way. Our young tutors have brought an exciting amount of energy to the program, making Saturday afternoons more enjoyable for our students.

Joaquin Carbonell, Tuesday Night Reading Program Site Supervisor

I really appreciated seeing our older students in theWilsonprogram really internalize theWilsontechniques to improve their reading and pronunciation.  One student, Jose, really struggled with basic spelling as a non-native English speaker. With every test he took, I saw him repeat the words to himself and tap out the syllables and vowel sounds on his fingers. Over the course of the year, he significantly improved reading and spelling abilities.

Queen Travers, CCPCS & Malcolm X Elementary School Math Programs Site Coordinator

I most enjoyed seeing all of the kids at the Center City Math Program. Every Saturday morning they came ready and excited to learn! It was great to see so many enthusiastic students and families. We had some really awesome tutors at Malcolm X this year. I loved seeing them really get into working with the kids and playing really creative and fun games. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!

Kyla Wasserman, Saturday Morning Math Program Site Supervisor 

This year, we had many returning and long-time FLOC tutors with us in the Saturday Morning program. It was great to see their expertise and continued enthusiasm show through when working with their students. Their willingness and generosity in sharing their hard won knowledge with other tutors helped make the program a success. I loved seeing the strong bonds that all of our tutors were able to create with their students. Students were always excited to see their tutors come to pick them up and get started on their work.

Holly Friedman, Ross Elementary School Math Program Site Coordinator

The Ross Elementary School program serves young students, several of whom are in first and second grade. One of the most remarkable parts of working with such young students is witnessing the transformative effect of time and mentorship. In addition to growing taller, students also grew in maturity and intellectual confidence. Many of the students are looking forward to continuing to develop their math skills over the summer and into next school year. 

Thanks to everyone who took part in tutoring at FLOC this year! We can’t wait for another great summer and school year!

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