Mock Trial 2015 @ Willkie Farr & Gallagher

On Monday, October 12th, with a day off school, FLOC Scholars participated in a Mock Trial event at the Wilkie Farr & Gallagher, LLP, law firm. Separated into defense attorneys and persecutors, Scholars had to argue different sides of a case, using only their words, logic, and the limited supply of evidence that was available.

Here is a recap of the events that took place.

Upon entering the law firm, a sense of anxiety filled the air as Scholars were rushed in to help decide the fate of an 18-year-old boy who was filmed drinking at a party the weekend before. The principal of his local school found the boy’s actions as a breach of the school’s honor code and suspended him immediately. Angered by his principal’s decision, the boy fought back. The drinking took place off campus, he claimed, and therefore was not subject to school policies.

Who was right? Working with lawyers, scholars prepared their positions for court. They analyzed the school’s policies as well as the accounts from the principal and the accused student. Scholars worked hard, using their critical thinking skills to create an argument that would bring the case to justice.

The room was tense as the trial began. The sizeable audience included a number of lawyers and FLOC employees, curious to see how the case would turn out. All eyes were on our Scholars as the defense began its argument. After an hour of debate, the decision was out. The prosecution was victorious and the principal’s decision found unwarranted. The boy had won.

In an amazing back-and-forth battle, our Scholars demonstrated a remarkable grasp of debate and logic. Their articulation and eloquence was so impressive that the panel of judges had a hard time deciding who the winner actually was. Both sides prepared their evidence meticulously and analyzed both sides before presenting their claims.

FLOC prepares students not only for college, but also for their future careers. We strive to nurture and develop our students’ talents and make sure that whatever they decide to do, they’ll do it with passion and hard work in mind. Our Scholars showed grit and confidence during their time at Willkie this month, traits that will definitely take them far in life.

(Tiken Savang is the Scholars Fellow for the 6th and 11th Grades.)

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