Meet Noel

Noel, 9, will now attend the fourth grade at Garrison Elementary. During the last school year, he was in the Tuesday Night Reading tutoring program as well as the Thursday Night Math tutoring program.

Noel’s favorite subject in school is math. He says it is his favorite because of how much FLOC has helped him with it. Outside of school and FLOC, Noel likes to play basketball with his friends and relax.

Coming in and doing math and learning to read with his tutor Katherine are Noel’s favorite activities at FLOC. Noel says that FLOC has helped him “do better in his reading and math classes at school.” Noel told me that he wants to do better in all of his classes this year.

Noel likes to joke around with his fellow students and the staff at FLOC.  He has a great sense of humor. When I interviewed him, he said he didn’t want his picture taken because he didn’t style his hair right that day.

Noel enjoys learning by playing games while tutoring. He says it helps him “have fun while learning.” Noel hopes to be a head chef one day. When I asked him what he wanted to cook, he replied “I’m not sure, but it will be something good.”

(Benjamin Harris is a tutor in the Thursday Night Math program at FLOC).

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