Meet Jazmin, Age 21

Jazmin, a postsecondary Scholar student pursuing a degree in International Relations and French, is beginning her senior year of college at Tufts University. Six years ago, Jazmin got involved in the High School Scholars program as a sophomore.

Throughout her college experience, Jazmin’s had the opportunity to study abroad and gain professional experience through an internship at a French consulate. “The American college experience is so unique,” Jazmin said. “It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone, experience new cultures, and [you have] opportunities that you probably won’t have again.”

College life is not always a smooth ride. FLOC has helped Jazmin and supported her education financially. “Your education is going to come at a price, but it’s worth it.”

She stays connected to FLOC staff members as much as possible, especially when issues arise. “They’re people I can come to if I have a problem,” Jazmin said.

This summer, Jazmin volunteered with the Middle School Scholars program, joining the students on their treks to the National Zoo for the engaging zoology workshops. She enjoyed seeing the students interact, “explore the city together” and bond, since it brought to mind her time as a Scholar.

“It’s also nice to give back to this community that has given you so much,” she added.

Jazmin is excited to see how FLOC evolves in the next years. “I think it’s really important that it continues to grow, because it offers such great opportunities to students. And I feel like FLOC has grown with me.”

When Jazmin first began her college education, she planned to pursue a profession in government affairs. However, she now hopes to work with a nonprofit organization on an international scale in a field like nutrition or health.

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