Meet FLOC’s Photographer!

For Love of Children would like to welcome Emily Watt to its dedicated group of volunteers!

Emily, 17, is taking photographs of FLOC’s tutoring programs and special events this year. She is a Maryland native and attends Blake High School.

Emily received her first camera for her 10th birthday and soon started taking digital photography classes.

“My mom used to work with film,” she says. “Now I’m using her camera for a dark room class.”

In addition to camera work, Emily is busy taking senior classes and applying to colleges in Ohio and Pennsylvania. She plans to continue pursuing her photography interests, and is considering majoring in biology.

Emily’s other hobbies include knitting and baking, as well as tutoring. She once tutored Jackson Road Elementary School students in reading when she was in the 8th grade.

The experience taught her a lot about kids, and now she says it’s fun to observe what FLOC volunteers are doing to help kids with reading and math skills.

“I like to see how the kids are enjoying it and taking it all in.”

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