Meet Breana: An Energetic LIA Member

As a sixth grader at Charles Town Middle School, Breana has always enjoyed attending our Leaders In Action program. She is an energetic girl; continually answering our questions, helping other students, and participating in every activity. Breana joined Leaders In Action because she “has always wanted to be a leader.”

When participating in a leadership style activity, Breana grouped her own leadership approach as in the “Hot Tamale” category. Being in the “Hot Tamale” group usually means that you are a decision maker, motivational, and enthusiastic when in a group or team setting. Breana’s zest for learning and “Hot Tamale” style is contagious while in the program. Many times, her excitement and interest in our material inspires other student’s to become more involved in our discussions.

Breana stated that “Leaders In Action has helped her to learn more about our environment while meeting new and fun people.” The best thing Breana has experienced while being a member of LIA has been our local government curriculum. As a candidate for Student Government Association when she joined LIA, Breana was brushing up on her community’s politics. Our local government curriculum was able to give her the general outline of local government along with duties and assignments our county officials may have. Happily, Breana was inducted into the Student Government Association at her middle school where she will be using her unique skills to make a difference in her school. Breana also enjoyed our recent Survival night where our students focused on winter wildlife and ecology along with vital survival skills.

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