Meet Alexandra

Alexandra is a fourth grader who has been involved in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program for two years. Alexandra genuinely loves to learn, and she says that what she enjoys most about FLOC is that she gets to explore her favorite topics in greater depth than she would at home with her homework. She loves working with her tutor one-on-one and knows that she can have fun and still learn a lot!

Alex participates in the Saturday afternoon reading tutoring program which focuses on Language Arts. When I asked her what comes to mind when she thinks about FLOC, she said: “Every week I think of Saturday as my FLOC day, where I get to have fun with everyone and see my tutor.”

Alex hopes to stay involved and keep growing through in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program and eventually wants to participate in the Scholars program once she is in sixth grade.

Although she is only in 4th grade, Alex is quite ambitious and has big dreams! She wants to go to college and eventually become a doctor or a teacher.

This is my second year consecutively working with Alex and she is a pleasure! She has progressed immensely and does so with an enthusiastic, hard working, and fun attitude!

(Holly Friedman is an NTP Site Coordinator for the Tuesday Night and Saturday Afternoon Reading Programs.)

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