Meet Alexander and Aleas

This past summer, FLOC and the Neighborhood Tutoring Program were pleased to welcome the mother / son team of Aleas and Alexander Hammett to serve in the Summer Math Academy. The Hammetts first heard about FLOC through an email Alexander received from Bishop McNamara High School, where he attends high school.

Alexander chose to tutor at FLOC this summer to obtain community service hours for school and because he enjoys helping his classmates understand the work they do at school. He thought helping someone younger might be fun. Aleas was motivated to volunteer at FLOC because of her desire to serve and be an advocate for education. She enjoys spending time with her sons and thought tutoring would be a great opportunity to achieve that goal and share in the experience.

Aleas had the honor of tutoring a high school student named Dwayne. According to Aleas, “Dwayne is an awesome young man.” He shared a wealth of knowledge about track, anime, and video games and was incredibly committed to improving his own math skills. Dwayne and Aleas worked on unit 2 with a focus on math facts. Aleas’ favorite moment with Dwayne was when he was engaged and ready to learn at one particular session, when they played a version of hangman using math problems.

Alexander worked this summer with an elementary student named Elizabeth. Alexander and Elizabeth focused a lot on addition and subtraction with numbers 0-20 throughout the summer program. Elizabeth is energetic and smart. Because she sometimes had difficulty focusing, Alexander felt particularly great when she found ways to concentrate and accomplish her tutoring weekly goals. Towards the end of the summer program, Alexander was most excited when he saw Elizabeth finally start to understand the math concepts.

Aleas says one of the best experiences for her this summer was “seeing my son display patience, commitment and desire to assist his student. He truly wanted to make a difference and help her enhance her math skills.”

Thanks for your service this summer and your support of our students, Alexander, Aleas, and the whole Hammett family!

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