Junior Counselors at the Outdoor Education Center

This summer, the Outdoor Education Center is happy to welcome two Junior Counselors, Holly and David. Holly was previously involved in the Leaders in Action program in West Virginia, while David is currently in the Scholars Program in DC. Both students are in high school and want to give back to the Outdoor Education Center of FLOC! Let’s learn more about these two wonderful students…

Sarah: How long have you been involved with FLOC?

Holly: I was in Leaders in Action for two years, in 7th and 8th grade, while I was at Harpers Ferry Middle School.  Now I am here to help with the summer camps.

David: I have been with FLOC for 6 years.  First, I participated in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program and now I am enrolled in the Scholars program.

Sarah: What in particular did you like about FLOC’s programming  during the school year?

Holly: I mostly liked that we did outdoor education and adventure activities and I liked getting to meet new people.

David: I am truly grateful that I have role models and a program that focuses on discussing school, scholarships, and future job opportunities. I also enjoyed the spring college tour where we visited universities and colleges along the east coast.

Sarah: What did you enjoy most about summer camp at the Outdoor Education Center?

Holly: In the past, I have had the most fun canoeing, rock climbing, zip lining, and completing the teambuilding activity known as Mohawk Walk! If you haven’t tried the high ropes course here, you should!

David: I have enjoyed many things while attending camp here at the OEC.  Some of my favorites have been high ropes, canoeing, meeting new people, the atmosphere of the OEC, and the teambuilding activity called Communication Breakdown.  During Communication Breakdown, you must take your blindfolded teammate to pick up a ball and toss it at the opposing team’s blindfolded participant. This activity focuses on communication and direction skills as well as overall teamwork.

Sarah: Why did you want to come back to the OEC this summer as a Junior Counselor?

Holly: Mostly because I have had a lot of fun here in past summers. Unfortunately, the OEC does not have a high school program so this is a way to get involved after middle school and learn vital leadership skills. I also want to become a counselor in a few years.

David: I mostly came back because I have always loved spending my summers at the OEC. I am also looking forward to learning various skills from the staff such as camping techniques, composting methods, and overall nonprofit management. I will also be focusing on improving my leadership skills while assisting camps.

Sarah: What are your future plans after your complete high school ?

Holly: I have my life pretty planned out.  I want to attend Shepherd or Concord University to study education while minoring in business and woman studies. After receiving my degree, I will enroll in the Peace Corps for 5 terms. Once I accomplish my 5 terms, I plan to open my first school for women and children in a third world county.  By the time I’m 45, I will have opened at least 5 schools.

David: I plan to attend college to study aeronautical and mechanical engineering with a minor in experimental sciences. I would then like to work for Boeing or NASA and eventually start my own business while still helping my community by donating to local nonprofits.

Sarah: What is your favorite dish made by Mike, the cook at The OEC?

Holly: I would definitely have to say his homemade veggie burgers, they are delicious!

David: My favorite meal here has always been ham glazed with honey and sugar.  However, I also like his homemade omelets.

(Sarah Nowicki is an AmeriCorps Vista at FLOC’s Outdoor Education Center).

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