Holiday season at FLOC!

Everyone loves the holiday season. Maybe it’s because all of the lights adorning trees and signs across the city can put anyone in a good mood. Or maybe it’s because of the assortment of warm drinks that warm your heart at the first sip.

The holiday season marks the end of the first semester of programs at FLOC, and so we love to use this as a chance to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, give out some gifts, and take a break to enjoy one another’s company.

During one of our tutoring program holiday parties last week, we asked our students and volunteers what some of their favorite things are about the holidays. Check out a few of their responses below.

“My favorite holiday movie is…”

Nightmare Before Christmas –Colin, Tutor
All of the Santa Clause movies –Sahira, 5th grader
The Grinch, both versions –Ammanuel, 6th grader
Frosty the Snowman –April, Tutor
The Nutcracker –Lucas, 2nd grader

“My favorite holiday song is…”

“Last Christmas” – Sarah, Tutor
“Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” – Yanel, 6th grader
“All I Want for Christmas” –Marley, 3rd grader
“Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” – Amari, 7th grader
“Walking in a Winter Wonderland” –Omar, 3rd grader

“My favorite holiday treat is…”

Pizza –Davis, 5th grader
Peppermint Hot Chocolate –Emily, Tutor
Cookies and Soda –Alexa, 3rd grader
Tamales… They’re not a “treat” but they’re still the best –Hernan, Tutor
EVERYTHING!! –Dylan, 2nd grader

“My favorite holiday gift was…”

Being alive with my family –Ammanuel, 6th grader
Movies, dolls, travelling, and a snow globe –Sahira , 5th grader
Barbie sets –Elizabeth, 4th grader
Cowboy boots –Omar, 3rd grader
Makeup and nail polish, but mostly my baby sister –Marley, 3rd grader

“My favorite holiday memory was when…”

…I stayed up late with my brothers before Santa arrived. –Colin, Tutor
…I got my first American Girl doll. –Samantha, 5th grader
…I went to Mexico for Christmas. –Yanel, 6th grader
…I watched it snow and went outside to play in it with my dogs. –Sarah, Tutor
…I went on a ski trip with my friends. –Cezanne Vahid, Tutor

Thanks this year to the following partners for providing gifts to our students:

And special thanks to our friends at the Meltzer Group for throwing our Saturday programs a special holiday party. Happy holidays from FLOC!

(Adrian Hunter is a site coordinator in the Neighborhood Tutoring Program. She works with NTP’s programs on Thursday nights at FLOC, Wednesdays at Tyler Elementary, and Saturdays at the Southeast Tennis & Learning Center.)

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