Goodbye and Thank You to our College Volunteers

This past week at FLOC was the last week of tutoring for most of our volunteer college students. With the college semester coming to a close, students are wrapping up school and heading out to start their summer internships. College is a busy time and most people choose to spend it with friends or participating in extracurricular groups or activities. For these students to volunteer at least 3 hours of their week every week is a true sign of character and a commitment to community. Here at FLOC, we are incredibly grateful for the time and effort put in by these college students to help the local children of DC achieve better educations. They greatly increase the size and improve the capability of FLOC thanks to their commitment and so we owe them all a big thank you. While it is sad to see the college students go, it is hard not to smile when thinking about all of these young adults helping to make a change in our education system.  We hope many of them return in the fall for another great year at FLOC!

(Alex Magnano is is an NTP Site Coordinator at FLOC).

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